Quality Assurance

logo AQ1. Deemed Food Control Plan (DFCP) – Verification by AsureQuality

Verification Date: 23 August 2016

JPNZ are recognised to be compliant with the New Zealand Food Act 2014 and subsequent amendments. The Deemed Food Control Plan applies to the scope of operations for the processing and packaging of fruit and vegetable juices, juice concentrates and purees.

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logo bioGro tall
2. BioGro New Zealand – Certificate Compliance as Processor and Exporter

Valid from 15th March, 2016 to 14th March, 2017

We have systems in place to receive organic raw materials and production process to make products that meet the criteria for organic status. Being accredited by BioGro New Zealand also means we meet the following standards and /or have market access for Contract Processing of Fruit & Vegetable Juices and Juice concentrates; Contract Processing of Fruit and Vegetable Purees; and Export of Fruit and Vegetable Juices, Juice Concentrates and Purees indicated below:

BioGro Organic; IFOAM; MPI OOAP-USDA NOP (Organic); MPI OOAP- Taiwan; COR

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JAS tall

3. BioGro New Zealand –JAS Certification

JAS Certified Since 1st September, 2014

Our production facility and processes have meet the requirements of the BioGro Organic Standards (refer to above qualification) ,they have also meet Japanese Agricultural Standards and JAS Technical Criteria, listed below:

- Notification No. 1606 for agricultural processed products of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of October 27,2005.

- Notification No. 1831 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of 25 November, 2005.

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logo mpi
4. Ministry of Primary Industries – Notice of Registration

Valid from 6th July, 2016 to 26th June, 2017

Juice Products New Zealand Limited pursuant to the MPI Official Organic Assurance Programme are registered as an ORGANIC EXPORTER.

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logo K tallllll
5. Kosher Kiwi Licensing Authority New Zealand – Certificate of Kashrut

Valid from 15th March, 2017 to 14th March, 2018

Our factory and products have been inspected by the Orthodox Rabbinate of New Zealand and have been confirmed to be Kosher and Parve, meaning those of the Jewish faith can consume our products as they meet the requirements of their faith.

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logo FIANZ6.The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand ( FIANZ) - Halal Certification

Valid from 1st October, 2016 to 30th September, 2017

Our products meet the requirements of the Halal assurance programme, meaning those of Muslim faith are able to consume our products as our processing practices do not contain any forbidden ingredients and food safety requirements are met.

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logo mpi
7. Ministry of Primary Industries - Registration Certificate

Certified 25th November 2015

The certificate is issued as an official assurance for the purpose of registration of non-animal derived food products with the Thai Food and Drug Administration and that JPNZ operates a quality assurance programme that is equivalent to Thailand’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements for frozen foods exported to Thailand.

 MPI Registration Thailand Certification


logo horticulture8. New Zealand Horticulture Export Authority – Export Licence Certificate

Valid from 22nd April, 2015 to 22nd April, 2020

JPNZ in accordance with the New Zealand Horticulture Export Authority Act 1987, have been issued an Export Licence Certificate for Blackcurrants.

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