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Carrot Juice Concentrate with Citric 60° Brix
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Parameter Specification
Brix 60° ± 1° (Uncorrected for acidity)
Acidity @ 8.1° Brix <0.3 % as Citric acid
pH @ 8.1° Brix 4.8 - 5.6
Solids @ 8.1° Brix <4.0%
Colour Bright orange typical carrot colour                      L: >34 a: >27 ( Measured using Spectrophotometer CM-3500D)
Flavour Typical carrot flavour. No off flavours and aromas
Stability The reconstituted juice typically shows uniform suspension with no signs of clear supernatant and minimal precipitate or floc-like material after standing 24 hours at room temperature
Total Plate Count <1000cfu/g
Total Yeast & Mould <50cfu/g
E.coli Not Detected (<3 MPN/g)
Coliforms Not Detected (<3 MPN/g)
Salmonella Not Detected / 25g
Alicyclobacillus Not Detected / 10g
Foreign Matter Nil
Allergens Nil
GM Status Nil

To ensure maximum retention of the products attributes, cold storage at less than -18°C is recommended for a period of 36 months.

Carrot Juice Concentrate with Citric 60°Brix - CAR1060

Carrot juice concentrate is manufactured from sound process grade carrots. The extracted juice is pasteurised, evaporated, packed and frozen. The concentrate does not contain added sugar, preservative, colourings or flavourings.

An enzyme Preparation containing Cellulose and Pectinase is added as process aid during the intial extraction steps and is subsequntly deactivated through heat processes involved in the process. Hense no active enzyme remains in final product. Citric acid is added to modify pH to assist processing.

All raw materials and the process employed in the preparation of carrot juice concentrate shall be in the accordance with good manufacturing practices under strict sanitary conditions. The extracted juice is prepared using stainless steel equipment and stringent quality assurance procedures are enforced throughout manufacturing.

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